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You are about to begin a new life together which will involve many happy memories. But the most important will be where you start your new future! Celebrate the biggest day of your life with us here at Grand Kavisha Hall, to make your special day one to be remembered by your loved ones. We invite you to come and experience our hospitality the perfect place for creating moments that will last forever.

Wine & Dine with us where romance is in the air from the moment you enter this oasis. The mood of intimacy and elegance is created through the plush finishes and romantic lighting. Our newly-renovated reception hall boasts elegant decorations and furnishings to compliment any colour or style of wedding.Set in an ideal location, the reception hall is surrounded by leafy gardens and offers excellent wedding facilities and caters for as many as 300 guests.

For Get-together or Party

Experience your get-together or party just as you always dreamed of and leave the details to our dedicated team to ensure your every desire is fulfilled. A very private 00 acre setting boasting magnificent lawns & countryside feeling adds to the charm of this location. Surround yourself with elegance and exceptional service that will give your get-together or party that extra touch.

What We Offer


Fully air conditioned hall for weddings, Conferences etc


Seating capacity - Around 300 pax


Vehicle parking spacen


Poruwa & Settee available

For Conferences

Personalized service, exceptional facilities and thoughtful attention to detail, accompanied by stunning views of the surroundings make Grand Kavisha, an ideal place to host a conference. It’s picturesque acreage with year-round greenery, tranquil settings, ponds and water features, shaded garden, magical flowering bulbs and blossoms and paved courtyards make it an ideal get away to relax after the cessation of official business.